When it comes to company growth, internal success and ensuring your business has the best software, application and website-Momentum3 GETS IT! Most business owners didn’t start their company so they could spend time designing their website, creating applications, and creating and managing the software used to run it effectively and efficiently. You started your company because you were passionate about what YOUR COMPANY will be doing, and we want to show you how OUR passion can benefit your company. Our M3-Pack of questions should bring light to some areas where your business can improve, how M3 can prove positive change within your company and how easy this change can be! Let’s get to out M3-Pack. Our expert this segment is Momentum3 Director Greg Peters.

1. What industries can benefit from Momentum3 services?

We work with many different types of industries. We have a very deep understanding of several including oil and gas, financial services, logistics, and gaming but have recently completed projects in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, retail, and many more.

2. What website mistakes do you see most with new clients former webpages?

The first thing is if it’s older and not mobile friendly…that’s usually step 1 to fix. Beyond that, it usually is that they don’t understand and need help with analytics and SEO.

3. Why should someone choose Momentum3 over a competitor?

A customer we have completed multiple projects for said it best: “We needed an application that just worked…what we got was much more, we have found a long-term partner.”

Do you have a question you want answered in our next M3 pack? We want to make sure you understand the best ways to help your business. All inquires are commitment free.  Give us a call at 1-888-543-5531 or send us a message through our contact form.