We are Experts in Technology & Solving Industry Specific Needs

When it comes to partnering with technology experts you want to find someone who can fully understand the problem you are solving and are adaptable in development skills. We understand what it takes to develop software that streamlines operations while providing a great user experience.  We build software and provide technology consulting that connects your vision with results. With our extensive experience in both the business and technology sectors, we create custom software solutions catered to your unique business needs.


We have a wide range of energy experience including retail electricity, retail and wholesale natural gas to both commercial and residential consumers, retail and wholesale diesel, and crude oil, and can help you with your energy technology decisions and implementations.


Financial companies and their customers expect to utilize current technology solutions to provide secure and compliant platforms to make daily operations easier. We have designed and developed many FinTech solutions that are used to help solve challenges that our clients and other FinTech companies experience on a daily basis.


It is important for health care institutions to stay ahead of the technology curve and learn new techniques. In turn, doing more with less. Our goal is to provide you and your company with the best and most up-to-date technology solutions possible. We provide software solutions that allow institutions to utilize cross-platform features, which offer premium patient and employee experience.

Sports & Gaming

Our sports & gaming SaaS solutions, are developed through modern web development and include real-time administrative and customer/player reporting and stats, integrations to sports information, APIs, geofencing, and management dashboard. Our gaming software platform creation experience includs deep experience with daily fantasy sports, sports betting and Nevada entity betting.