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We Found the Best People Around to Help Improve Your Business.


Our mission is to establish long-term relationships with our clients by building trust through consistent delivery of high-quality products and services. Our clients enjoy access to technology expertise, increased capacity, and innovation around information technology systems and processes that have a direct impact on their bottom line.

Wes Buxton

Co-founder of Momentum3, Wes Buxton has been throwing around his IT game in Tulsa for years and is experienced at all levels. Before starting Momentum3, Wes co-founded and acted as CIO for an energy management company focused on helping customers organize and interpret their energy data. Prior to that, he was CIO at Seminole Energy Services, directing all aspects of information technology creating an IT organization to facilitate rapid growth and build an integrated, efficient software suite.

He took a $1 billion company operating on spreadsheets to a $4.5 billion company operating on state-of-the-art technology within four years. He has worked with reputable companies such as Deloitte and Touche, TV Guide, The Williams Companies, SolArc, and Anadarko, creating & presenting training programs, developing project methodologies, mentoring software engineers and building large-scale business systems. Currently, Wes is taking a shot at being a salesman, manager, and a developer at Momentum3. Even with all that, he still manages to take his wife to lunch most days (but don’t tell that to the other M3 wives.) Wes has a bachelor of science in management information systems from Oklahoma State University.

Jeff Hinnen

Jeffrey Hinnen is the steady, man-behind-the-scenes kind of guy, always observant, conscientious and detail-oriented. A visionary IT leader with over 15 years of experience, recently in a CIO capacity, Jeff enjoys solving challenging or chronic issues, focusing on the big picture and endless possibilities. He has a reputation for defining enterprise technology strategies and solutions that reduce costs, improve efficiency, support organizational goals and maximize technology investments.

He also has a reputation for challenging anyone to a game of Golden Tee on the machine in our lobby. Many days you will find him at the office, earbuds in, jamming to music while cranking out code. But even if he’s extremely busy, Jeff will stop what he’s doing just to help someone out. Presently, Jeff is using his development expertise to deliver rock solid products for our clients while using his experience and knowledge to help customers navigate the complex world of IT Compliance.

He loves to travel probably more than anyone you know and has the passport stamps to prove it. When he’s not traveling, he spends his Friday nights at home, trying his hardest to “one-up” his wife with his mad coding skills (as his wife is also a developer.) Jeff has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Langston University.

Brent Lewis

With a grin like a Cheshire cat and a gift for gab on both personal and business topics, Brent will walk around the M3 office, engaging in conversation that gets everyone livened up and energized. His honesty and strong work ethic along with his lively, playful disposition have been constant throughout his 20-year career in Tulsa’s IT world. With a decade of experience in the energy industry, Brent has formed a broad range of skills, ranging from a strong technical background, forged from years of designing and architecting systems to leading teams of application developers and project managers delivering technology solutions.

Prior to joining M3, Brent was Director of IT Applications at Continuum Energy Services, where he was responsible for leading application development and implementation for a portfolio of custom and off-the-shelf applications.   He worked to align company goals and executive vision with the application roadmap, to ensure company expansion and growth were met.

A native Tulsan, Brent stays very involved in community activities, including membership in Leadership Tulsa and board membership for the Oklahoma branch of Operation Aware. Brent also stays busy spending time with his lovely wife and officiating at-home wrestling matches with their two boys. Brent received his education from the University of Tulsa, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Greg Peters

Every time you see Greg Peters, he has a smile on his face, a sparkle in his eye, and he’s always delighted to hear an outlandish story or funny joke. When it comes to rock n’ roll, give him Billy Joel.  He is a big-picture and panoramic thinker with expertise in software and firmware release planning and management, among many other things.

While he didn’t “start the fire,” before founding Momentum3, he did start and manage a successful company called SolArc, a technology consulting firm focused on emerging technologies as well as an Energy Trade Management Software company.  SolArc was one of Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest-growing private companies in the nation and one of Information Week’s 75 fastest-growing independent software vendors.  In his 12 years at the consulting and software company, he directed its entire portfolio of projects and products, growing from just 3 employees to 160 at the time he sold to venture capital in 2003.

In 2010, he became the Director of Professional Services at Stonebridge where he directed business development, talent acquisition, project portfolio management, and risk management activities. Greg has Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Business Management from the University of Tulsa.

Adrienne Luna

Much like a labrador retriever, Adrienne Luna is easily excitable & always friendly. Raised in the Midwest by southern parents, she is the proud mama to a grown son in college. Her gracious and hospitable flair is as distinctive as her quirky, personal style. She often hears, “You are nothing like I thought you’d be,” proving you can’t judge a book by its cover. Adrienne’s stories have an amusing, good-time flavor and she’s never afraid to throw in a little shock value. Not one to criticize another’s dream, she will discuss the most unconventional and inspired fantasies with sincere, enthusiastic intensity.

A Kansas City native with a business background and degree in management & human relations, Adrienne stays busy working with Momentum3 clients, helping them achieve their goals. A natural networker, she has a continually expanding circle of personal contacts to provide support, insight, and resources while she manages ongoing relationships that are based on trust, respect, and understanding. The thing about Adrienne, she is your friend first and then talks business later.

Adrienne’s decades-long experience coaching gymnastics and cheerleading may help explain her live-wire presence and aura of fearlessness. Words like “promise not to laugh” are futile, as she is guaranteed to laugh at the most minor detail with childlike delight. And don’t worry, this chick will never be offended if you shout, “Yo Adrienne!” In fact, she may encourage it.

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