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“Momentum3 will work with us to help us define our needs and create solutions. We came to them with an idea and trust they will refine that idea and turn it into a manageable effort meeting our needs. With Momentum3, it’s not about why we started doing business with them. It’s about why we continue to do business with them.”

Michael Hopper, Vice President, Trust Company of Oklahoma

“Met our business needs and our budget. Our business was growing. We needed a more efficient way to manage our commodities transactions, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money or invest the time to train someone on our business. Momentum3 stepped up, already had the necessary business knowledge, and worked with us to develop a plan that met our business needs and our budget. The solution they delivered was beyond what was originally proposed and under the estimated budget.”

Michael Westbrock, President, BluMark Energy

“We needed an application that just worked…what we got was much more. As we were doing due diligence on selecting the right developer for our project, a common theme surfaced. We needed someone who could develop an application that just worked. We needed a solution that was going to support a large portion of our business, and one that we could potentially take to market. We didn’t want to have to worry about the capabilities of our developers to deliver. Yes, we needed an application that just worked, but what we got was much more. We got a business partner that helped us improve on our ideas, and create a solution that is truly having a positive impact. It’s the collaboration and relationships that will keep us doing business with Momentum3.”

Jason Shultz , Assurance Partner, Hogan Talor

“Momentum3 took our project from a mere idea to a fully functioning app. We needed a point of sale software solution and felt like a native iPad app was the way to go. Momentum3 took our project from a mere idea to a fully functioning app that can now be purchased within the Apple App Store. The entire team was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them!”

Dr. Chad Edwards, Optometrist, Owasso Eye Institute

“We have not been disappointed once and have found a long-term partner. This was our first time developing new technology, and we searched for a company with a reputation for delivering on its promise to develop tools that work. People who were eager to work with us and would serve as a business partner to give us advice and deliver the best product possible. From day one we were impressed with the attitudes and abilities of the M3 team. We have not been disappointed once and believe we have found a long-term partner to help us deliver on our strategic objectives.”

Randy Nail, Chief Executive Officer, Hogan Taylor

“Momentum3 has a solid reputation for their ability to work with organizations to define and deliver quality solutions, that’s why we selected them. Once chosen as our strategic technology partner, they have worked diligently to help us create a new customer-facing web portal and a mobile application. We are looking forward to our continued partnership with Momentum3 and are excited about what they will help us achieve.”

Jeff Boatman, Co-Founder & CTO, Global Client Solutions

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