Modern Software Development

Modern web development framework provides powerful features to ensure the software is working for you by providing features like easy cross platforming, reduced development time, enhance speed & performance, and expressive user experiences.

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Benefits of Modern Software Development

Reduced Dev Time

Along with the MVC model, modern development modular structure makes components reusable across the application, eliminating the need for unnecessary coding and allows fast, easy testing.

How we use it

Many times, applications can be broken into vertical slices that are mostly unrelated, in those cases we can have parallel work streams, allowing us to deliver functionality faster and decrease build time. Often, there are related pieces of functionality that tie the entire application together, when those sections are discovered, we leverage our modular structure to quickly refactor the needed functionality into an independent reusable component that can be shared across the application.

Cross Platform

Build and deliver apps that run across multiple device platforms, such as iOS, Android, and the Universal Windows Platform. Advantages include cost-effectiveness, easy hosting, fewer technical barriers, and shorter time to market.

How we use it

We leverage our cross platform abilities to minimize the upfront cost of developing a system. In many cases, a website designed for mobile is enough to meet our clients needs. Our architecture, provides the foundation for separate native mobile apps, if our clients need them. In many cases, the existing backend can be leveraged to meet many of the mobile application needs.

Simplified MVC Pattern

The Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern organizes your code’s core functions into their own boxes making maintaining your app and sharing functionality within your app much easier and cleaner.

How we use it

When we initially design a screen, we look for any visual components that will be reused across different pages (i.e. search, status badges, etc.). Those components are then created as reusable widgets, reducing code duplication and enhancing maintainability.

Data Binding

Data binding is a core concept in modern web framework and allows it to define communication between a component and the browser, making it very easy to define interactive applications without worrying about pushing and pulling data.

How we use it

By handing off the management of state to the framework, we can spend our time building out validations and business logic. This reduces the amount of code written and allows easy modification of existing screens.

Speed & Performance

As the programming choice of YouTube and Google Cloud, modern software development handles high-volume traffic with ease, utilizing the MVC and compiling all code into JavaScript before the browser even loads your web app.

How we use it

If our clients are looking to support the app in the future, our long term support and rich development community make supporting the application much easier. If our clients are looking to scale their application, we have a proven track record.

Expressive User Interface

Expressive interfaces enable your application to display the right data at the right time and delight your users with contextually-aware messages and graphics.

How we use it

When your application needs a high-quality user experience, we provide the needed capabilities for concise, easy to workflows for your users. A professionally designed user experience is the one key quality metrics that will drive application growth.

Benefits of Modern Software Development


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