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As Microsoft Partners, we use technology like Microsoft Azure to grow your business in efficient and cost-effective ways. Whether you need us for a day or several months, our consultants will be there for you to bring together the combination of technology and business savvy to create great results.

We work with companies to reduce costs, increase revenues, and minimize risk. It is important for every business to stay ahead of the technology curve and learn new techniques. In turn, doing more with less. Our goal is to provide you and your company with the best and most up-to-date technology solutions possible.

Sure, we create software and provide technology consulting using leading technology, but we’ve also held leadership positions inside both tech and non-tech companies as Director of Technology, CIO, CTO, and more. Bottom line? We understand the constraints, issues, and concerns your company is facing and are ready to manage your next project.

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Empower Your Business With Microsoft Azure

Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services are a suite of services which use AI to process data, text, speech, images and behavior on the web.

How we use it

Our integration of Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics into a customer communication portal detected sentiment and helped elevate the service experience.

Auto Scaling

Auto-Scaling is a feature of Azure App Services which allows rule-based scaling based on your applications performance conditions. With Auto-Scaling, new instances of your app can be created based on amount of CPU, memory, or bandwidth used.

How we use it

We have built and implemented scale out ability in client applications to allow the application to scale up to meet demand during the client’s busy season, and to scale down during slower periods to lower Azure spending.

Load Balancing

Load balancing distributes network traffic between the different instances of your application, achieving more uniform response time for your users. Load balancing also provides built in fail over capabilities if an instance of your application is brought down.

How we use it

We use load balancing as part of a client’s disaster recovery configuration to allow continuity of operations in the event of a localized Azure outage, as well as apart of an auto-scaling strategy.


Authentication identifies users and ensures they can access the requested resource, along with allowing administrators to manage those users and their roles.

How we use it

We can implement normal login systems, two factor authentication systems, and integrate with various single sign on systems. Finding the right authentication solution to fit your personalized security requirements, both protects your data and allows users to access the application anytime and anywhere.

API Management

API Management is a single resource for managing all your APIs. Here, you can protect your APIs by applying authentication, authorization, and usage limits. You can also version your APIs to allow exiting integrations or customers time to upgrade, and document your APIs for developer discoverability.

How we use it

The “move fast and break things” approach is not an option when your customers have enterprise level SLA’s in place. We implement API Management so when one of your customers integrates with your API, their information is authenticated and secured, allowing you to collect and analyze usage statistics and reporting on performance.

Secure Storage

Secure storage of data using advanced encryption not only means storing data (information, videos, documents, etc.), but also securing your information against loss.

How we use it

We leverage Azure’s encryption abilities to encrypt data at rest, prevent unauthorized access to data by monitoring suspicious activity in real time, and configured redundant storage to prevent data loss.


Geo-Replication features in Azure allow you to quickly configure how your data is replicated, allowing you to enforce GDRP requirements, prevent loss due to disaster, and provide automatic failover.

How we use it

We use geo-replication to increase uptime while having precise control over the level of geo-replication based on our client’s needs and budget.

Application Configuration

Application Configuration is more than just allowing changes to settings in a production application. Understanding who and what changes were made to an application’s configuration over time is also an important part of application configuration.

How we use it

The patterns and practices we have developed allows a standard and repeatable application configuration practice. Auditing of who and what changed can also be performed if needed.

SQL Server

SQL Server is Microsoft’s premier relational database. When SQL Server is combined with Azure, the power of an enterprise database can be scaled down to provide development environments and scaled up to handle production workloads.

How we use it

As part of the Azure eco-system, we leverage SQL Server to provide industry leading uptime and performance. To meet your current and future needs, we will match you with the proper relational database solution.

Empower Your Business With Microsoft Azure


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Moving your data to the cloud has never been more seamless with Microsoft Azure and Momentum3. Azure is the most compliant cloud service on the market. Transitioning to cloud computing allows scalability and flexibility for your hardware, software and other supporting infrastructures. The cloud allows you to reduce the cost of IT administration because the hardware is being taken care of for you, off-premises. With data backup, disaster recovery and high security, choosing a cloud service has never been easier.