When it comes to company growth, internal success and ensuring your business has the best software, application and website-Momentum3 GETS IT!

Most business owners didn’t start their company so they could spend time designing their website, creating applications, and creating and managing the software used to run it effectively and efficiently. You started your company because you were passionate about what YOUR COMPANY will be doing, and we want to show you how OUR passion can benefit your company. Our M3-Pack of questions should bring light to some areas where your business can improve, how M3 can prove positive change within your company and how easy this change can be! Let’s get to out M3-Pack! Answers brought to you by Co-Founder, Wes Buxton

1. How can custom software benefit a company?

Custom software, created with the right partner, ensures that the precise functionality necessary to support operations of the business are met, nothing more, nothing less. The customer pays for what they need and nothing more. In the end, they own the software and are not committed to on-going costs.

2. What a unique service Momentum3 offers?

The uniqueness of our offering comes in the way we approach projects. We only ask customers to commit to small, manageable efforts, to produce frequent quality results. We prove ourselves with every deliverable.

3. How does Momentum3ETRM software change the game for Natural Gas and Liquid Markets?

The ERTM software offered by M3 provides robust functionality in the areas of risk, pricing, and retail billing to mid-level energy companies, that has historically only been found in the very large enterprise solutions. As our ERTM is a hosted solution, the implementation time and operational costs are drastically reduced.

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