Momentum ETRM

Industry: Energy

Project Details

Energy Trade and Risk Management Software

We designed and developed an end-to-end cloud-based ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) software solution that is scalable for low, mid or enterprise-level businesses trading in gasoline and diesel fuels.

Having written several custom solutions in the past, we have been engaged on multiple occasions to work with customers to evaluate, select, and implement various ETRM products in this space.  Some of those solutions included a custom product. It became clear that there is a gap in the market for a powerful, feature-rich, cost-effective solution for the Natural Gas marketing industry in the mid-market sector.  The MomentumETRM solution fills this gap with a cloud-based solution that goes beyond just the basics of a commodity marketing system and includes the functionality necessary to fully manage and grow a successful commodities marketing business.

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Technology Used

Technology Used

C# Microsoft Azure Logo SQLServer