You are building a website so people can find you and learn more about the services you offer. Why start with a disadvantage and be punished by Google algorithms? When it comes to visibility and ranking on Google, there are a few things you need to consider in order to obtain one of the top spots when your keywords are searched. To help understand how to optimize your page based on Google algorithms, Momentum3 Director, Greg Peters, enlightens us on this segment of M3-Pack of Questions.

1. What is the importance of being mobile friendly?

In the past, Google has determined their ranking system based on desktop sites. Though, that is no longer ideal for mobile users because a desktop version is often vastly different from a mobile site. Google has dubbed this ranking system “Mobile-First Indexing.” Which means they will now rank your website based on its mobile optimization. Being mobile friendly has never been more important. Our professionals know what Google is looking for and can optimize your page according to Google ranking guidelines.

2. How does website security impact visibility?

There are “prefixes” to websites, HTTP and HTTPS are the most common. These two difference of these two are the level of security offered to the user. It isn’t surprising that Google ranks HTTPS sites higher than HTTP, because HTTPS offers SSL(Secure Socket Layer) making it much more secure. Aside from the Google ranking being slightly higher for more secure sites, there are other benefits to using this prefix: it brings authenticity to the server and website, you will be less likely to have damage by third parties, and data and communication (like browser history and credit card information) is encrypted. If you’re site is not a secure page, no stress, the switch is easy and Momentum3 Growth would be happy to help.

3. Does the speed of your web page effect Google ratings?

As of March 2018, the algorithm has incorporated site speed as a ranking factor. The looks of the page and the content in the page are VERY important factors. Though, in today’s world people are impatient and it is unlikely that they will actually wait the average 22 seconds to takes for a web page to load on their mobile device. Did you know, it takes 3 seconds for a user to form an opinion and decide if they like the content or services you offer on your web page? There are a few ways we can help you speed up your site. Let us help increase your organic ratings.

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