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With extensive experience and insight in both the business and technology sectors, Momentum3 responds with custom solutions tailored to your exact needs. We work intensively with our clients to evaluate their options, then shoulder the responsibility for the chosen solution, ensuring successful implementation from A to Z. We manage staffing, designing, building, training, and knowledge transfer (including custom software development or third party production selection and implementation, as needed). At Momentum3, we know how businesses operate from both sides of the fence, and we translate this knowledge into solid solutions.


As seasoned entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders, we ask the tough questions and bring the most effective solutions to the table. We offer a full dynamic spectrum of professional technology services; these include our ETRM/CTRM Energy Practice, FlexDBA and FlexPMO Programs, IT Compliance Consulting and Project Management, and our FlexWeb enhancement and marketing services.


At Momentum3, we know that people create a company’s pulse. We’re always seeking out the best and the brightest, and we’re excited to meet and collaborate with aspiring and talented individuals with a strong vision and work ethic. Whether we’re enlisting them as a full-time Momentum3 employee or finding them a job they love at another company, it’s all about stellar resourcing and ensuring a win-win situation. We maintain an extensive spectrum of quality resources for both short-term and permanent positions, within and beyond our company.


Momentum3 is here to develop the software solutions, create the mobile apps, and enable your business with new technologies needed to skyrocket your company’s success. We’re also here to take it one step further – to commend you for bringing these issues to light, and to help you revolutionize your industry by enabling other businesses to use your solution, making you the all-star.


Momentum3’s workplace culture draws top talent

Momentum3’s workplace culture draws top talent

By Lesa L. Jones Momentum3’s Amy Dean (left) is the new Director of Data Strategy and Analytics, Danielle Burrows (center) is the new Accounting Manager, and Kyle Miller (right) is the new Director of Sales. Momentum3 is rewriting the rules when it comes to company culture, having fun at work is just one of the […]

Tulsa company offers crowd-funding platform for startups

Tulsa company offers crowd-funding platform for startups

By Rhett Morgan Tulsa World | April 1, 2017 Typically, raising capital is a obstacle to expanding a small business.  Greg Peters seeks to lower that hurdle. Partnering with New York-based GrowthFountain, the co-founder of Tulsa-based Momentum3 this year helped launch Momentum3Growth, a crowd-funding platform designed specifically for profitable technology startups. “There’s nobody really helping […]

Momentum3 Announces as First MomentumGROWTH Program Participant

Momentum3 Announces as First MomentumGROWTH Program Participant

Momentum3 in partnership with GrowthFountain, are proud to announce that is our first company to participate in the Momentum3GROWTH Program.  Our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs to provide startups with angel funding for a variety of needs such as technology, back-office, marketing and expansion. BlueHollar is a home improvement marketplace connecting professional realtors […]