Momentum3 offers an end-to-end cloud-based ETRM software solution that is scalable for low, mid or enterprise level businesses trading in gasoline and diesel fuels. The M3 ETRM suite is segregated by functionality to allow customers to purchase only what they need in order to lower costs, reduce risk and exposure while increasing profits of your business.

Below is a top-level overview of the M3 suite platform levels of system functionality:

Designed for companies requiring a basic level of functionality

  • Master Data Management
  • Trade Capture
  • Security
  • Basic Reporting

Designed for a mid to high-level company which has some form of system in place

  • Contract Management
  • Trade Capture
  • Accounting Interface
  • Triggers/Price Locks
  • Billing (Whole/Retail)
  • Actualization
  • Basic Risk Management

Designed for large companies managing multiple locations, fuels and system integrations

  • Settlements
  • Trade Capture – “What if?” Scenarios
  • Logistics (Scheduling)
  • Credit Management
  • Confirmations
  • Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Auditing
  • Custom Interfaces
  • Complex Pricing Strategies

Hedging Function Overview

Retif Oil and Fuel approached Momentum3 about developing a system to help manage their hedging operation.  At the time, Retif managed hedges for their fixed price fuel and lubricant trades in spreadsheets and was unable to take advantage of real-time reporting. If their operations group were to execute many fixed price trades or the market were to move in a short period of time, they would have been severely exposed to the market and potentially lose money.

Momentum3 utilized its extensive ETRM experience to develop a scalable solution that captures trades in real-time and reports their open positions by storage location and product. With this system in place, Retif can be confident their fixed price book is properly hedged and their market exposure is limited.

Hedging Highlights:

  • Accurately report & value inventory in bulk storage facilities, consignment locations, & reserves
  • Manage fixed price transactions
  • Capture near real-time ticket and pricing
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Current WACOG info allows sourcing based on the cost of products versus current rack prices
  • Ticket info generates physical transactions in the system
  • Physical transactions monitored by Risk Manger
  • Financial transactions captured & managed
  • Near real-time inventory, physical position, current weighted average cost of product in inventory, & timely financial transactions
  • Integration allows short/long pickups & deliveries, addresses product loss/gain issues
  • Daily mark-to-market valuation of inventory

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