Momentum3 in partnership with GrowthFountain, are proud to announce that BlueHollar is our first company to participate in the Momentum3Growth Program.  Our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs to provide startups with angel funding for a variety of needs such as technology, back-office, marketing and expansion.

BlueHollar is a home improvement marketplace connecting professional realtors with licensed contractors to efficiently manage repair work at scale. BlueHollar’s app provides a place where realtors post the improvements they need done, and contractors compete to get the job. For realtors, BlueHollar simplifies an arduous, unprofitable part of the business of selling houses and helps home-sellers succeed.

Real estate professionals and contractors love BlueHollar. The company has generated nearly $500,000 revenue in its first year and a half of operating in the Kansas City area alone. Founded by experienced industry professionals, BlueHollar has distinguished itself from the home-improvement pack through its pragmatic, customer-centric approach to technology and its focus on serving professional realtors.

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