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Top 5 Technologies Changing the Landscape of the Tulsa IT Community

It’s no secret that Tulsa has been listed as one of the top entrepreneurial cities by Forbes magazine and is the hub of IT innovation in Oklahoma.  The Tulsa IT community has been influenced by several technologies in recent years, some of which have changed the city’s IT landscape in a multitude of ways.

As a leader in technology innovation, Momentum3 prides itself on helping companies through the adoption of these technologies.   Here are five technologies that are shaping the landscape all of which are likely to have a continued impact on the IT community at large.

1. Microsoft Azure

What was once known as “Windows Azure” may have undergone a name change, but the technology itself remains true to its roots and is the solid choice for a Tulsa community that is highly entrenched in Microsoft products.  Azure is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. The software is ideal both for businesses that are looking to transition fully to the cloud and those which are interested in taking a “hybrid” approach, and there are plenty of reasons to consider it over Google or Amazon’s products. Speed, built-in Visual Studio, a unified delivery pipeline and more set Azure apart from the pack, offering what many believe to be a more cohesive and holistic approach to Cloud PAAS (Platform as a Service).

 Note: We have over 20 applications and thousands of daily active users on our Azure applications and have helped many companies understand how best to develop and scale Microsoft Azure.

2. Advanced JavaScript Frameworks

The popularity of JavaScript is undeniable at this point, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. The ability to take web apps to the next level is unparalleled. Today, a number of advanced JavaScript frameworks exist that allow for streamlined development that may have been unimaginable when the language first came to the mainstream. Advanced JavaScript frameworks offer higher levels of efficiency, firmer safety, and security arrangements, and reduced costs (most are open source and cost nothing at all), opening up a whole new world of options for both novice and expert programmers.

What are the best advanced JavaScript frameworks? It’s up for debate, but Angular.js, ReactJS and Vue.js top the list in terms of wide use, flexibility and ease of understanding.

 Note: Although we have experience in multiple frameworks, on most of our projects we have used Angular for front-end development.

3. Power BI

Another exceptionally useful service from Microsoft, Power BI opens up the world of business intelligence to users of all experience level—even (and especially) the non-tech-savvy. Power BI is a suite of tools that allow business users to glean valuable insights from data via aggregating, analyzing, sharing and visualizing in an intuitive manner that should feel right at home for those who are familiar with Excel. It’s deeply integrated with other Microsoft products, making it one of the more versatile analytic suites available today.

The perfect fit for small to medium-sized businesses, Power BI can either be accessed via web-based software or a Windows-based downloadable application—there’s even a slick app available for Android and iOS.

Note: We use about 5 different tools in the BI Tool category, but our data/BI customers are scattered throughout the US.  For our Tulsa customers, Power BI is the most common one we are asked to help with or to build a Data-warehouse around.

4. Mobile Development

In the early days of PDAs, it was clear that the concept of using a mobile device to handle daily business needs would serve as a large part of the future of technology. No one could have ever predicted, however, that mobile development would be poised to someday lead IT and go on to change the lives of billions of people across the globe.

There’s an enormous amount of mobile app development happening in Tulsa, and with the majority of web traffic now being mobile traffic the need for these applications will only increase.

Note: We build native Mobile apps for iOS and Android, we also have worked with Xamarin in certain situations as well as have built a multitude of web applications.   We created an infographic on this a few months ago on how to decide which way to build.

5. Mobile-friendly and SSL Secure Website Deployments

Speaking of mobile, most people in the IT world will agree that the shift has also resulted in entirely new approaches to developing and securing modern websites. If a site can’t be properly viewed or navigated via smartphone or tablet, it’s effectively useless in 2018 and beyond. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology has also had a dramatic impact on how encrypted connections between browsers and servers are established, especially in an age of awakening where users are hypersensitive to the sharing and protection of personal information.   Google search is now starting to penalize non-SSL sites.

No website is complete without either of these elements, which has both opened new pathways and created unforeseen hurdles for companies in IT. In the end, however, the benefits of both mobile-friendly layout and SSL deployment are undeniable for everyone involved.

Note: Our digital marketing team spends a large amount of their time on moving websites out of the dark ages and into the light.

Momentum3 (M3) is your trusted partner that specializes in providing business and technology services which accelerate company growth. We develop enterprise software and mobile applications for a wide range of clients and build partnerships with select clients to create software solutions for entire industries.

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