It all starts with an idea.

If you need a mobile application to take your company to the next level, but don’t know where to start, Momentum3 can help, they take you from that big idea phase, through development, to landing a listing in the Apple Store and beyond.

A mobile application, most commonly referred to as an app, is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a Smartphone or an iPad. Apps serve to provide users with services similar to those accessed on PCs and are often monetized or provide a specific business service.

Brent Lewis, Momentum3 partner, explains, “Our clients come to us with an idea of what they want. From there, we try to determine how many screens and what type of functionality it will need. Will it need a database or will it contain document storage? What type of security is it going to need in place?”

From that information, Lewis said they can provide a high-level estimate of what it will cost to build the application.

Michael Hopper, vice president of Trust Company of Oklahoma, needed a mobile app for his clients to be able to track their investments.

“We come to them with just an idea and trust that they will help us refine that idea and turn it into a manageable effort that meets our needs,” Hopper said. “With Momentum3, it’s not about why we started doing business with them, it’s about why we continue to do business with them.” – Michael Hopper

Momentum3 takes their idea and turns into reality. It all begins with the UX process where Momentum3 will design the front end of the app, determining what the user actually sees and uses to interact with the application.

“The thoughtfulness and amount of time spent designing the upfront user experience is important to us because that’s what grabs the attention of the user and makes the application look great,” Lewis said. “We keep the user engaged.”

If the app is to be monetized, it will sell more when it is pleasing to the eye.

It’s this part of the app design that is very interactive between the client and the developer. Through a type of rough draft process, the developer will present the user experience to the client and listen to the client’s feedback. The developer then makes changes and builds additional screens. The UX process continues until the client is completely satisfied with the look and feel of the application.

Once the UX is completed, Momentum3 developers add the actual screens, flow, and layout as well as handle back end development which determines the best type of servers and the data storage requirements for each individual application. Always with a clear vision of engaging the user and keeping them in the application.

Dr. Chad Edwards wanted to build a platform that would enable an independent optometrist to be able to run an eyewear business from an iPad. “We needed a point of sale software solution and felt like a native iPad was the way to go,” said Dr. Chad Edwards, owner of Owasso Eye Institute.

“Momentum3 took our project from a mere idea to a fully functioning app that can now be purchased from the Apple Store.” – Dr. Chad Edwards

For HIPAA regulations, he didn’t want to store all of the information in a database. So, for every optometrist that buys his app, all of their data will be stored on their own Google Drive or box drive for which they will have an account.

The app also features interesting visualization for the customer including details as to how thick a lens will be depending on the prescription and the price of the lens.

Edwards had high praise for the entire Momentum3 staff.

“The entire team was a pleasure to work with,” he said. “I highly recommend them!”

Finally, getting the app to the Apple Store or Google Play can be tricky as the procedures are very stringent. But Momentum3 is well-versed with the ins and outs of getting approval in a timely manner.

“We help with the hosting and provide support with the app,” said Lewis. “We get the app published to the app stores’, We don’t just turn it over to you, our support is ongoing.”