Momentum3’s Amy Dean (left) is the new Director of Data Strategy and Analytics, Danielle Burrows (center) is the new Accounting Manager, and Kyle Miller (right) is the new Director of Sales.

Momentum3 is rewriting the rules when it comes to company culture, having fun at work is just one of the benefits of working at the Tulsa, Oklahoma, based technology services and project delivery company.

“Yes, we want to create great products for our customers, yes, providing top-notch service to our customers is important, but if we aren’t having fun while doing these things, then why do it?” said Gregory Peters, Momentum3 director.

Recently, Momentum3 hired three new employees from three different departments—sales, accounting, and data strategy and analytics.

Each of the new employees referenced the organization’s workplace culture as the motivating force that led them to work for the three-year-old company.

“There is an energy here and I think that helps you in business, it can help push you,” said Kyle Miller, the new director of sales. “I think if you’re excited about coming into work in the morning, working with people who are happy to be there, I think that energy just carries over.”

Miller says one thing that stood out to him during the hiring process was that everyone just seemed happy to be there.

With the amount of time the average American spends at work, workplace culture isn’t just a business buzzword, it is a magnet necessary for drawing top talent.

In an article for Business Insider, authors David Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright describe the benefits of a positive organizational culture:

  • Fear and stress go down as the “interpersonal friction” of working together decreases.
  • People seek employment in the company and stay, taking the company a long way toward winning the war for talent.
  • Organizational learning becomes effortless, with the tribe actively teaching its members the latest thinking and practices.
  • People’s overall health statistics improve. Injury rates and sick days go down.
  • Most exciting … is that people report feeling more alive and having more fun.

Accounting Manager Danielle Burrows started working at Momentum3 in late July.

She says at times she feels out of her element because she doesn’t have stress at work anymore.

“I love it here, you don’t come to work stressed and you don’t leave work stressed, that is big for me,” Burrows said. “Every day I see all the owners out and they are uplifting and encouraging everybody. You don’t feel like you’re working, you feel like you’re with friends.”

Burrows said everyone works with pride to get things done and to produce good quality products.

“I’m just very proud to be a part of the team,” she said.

Amy Dean, director of data strategy and analytics, started with Momentum3, three years ago as an external contractor. She has two degrees, one in accounting and one in management information systems.

After taking some time off from the company to homeschool her four children and start a homeschooling co-op of 260 students, Dean came back to the Momentum3 fold less than a month ago.

“I’ve always liked working with Greg,” she said. “It’s important to him for you to have that work/life balance, which is huge for me.”

Peters says while they want everyone to work hard, they realize the best time may not be an 8-5 workday.

“Our employees are given a lot of flexibility over their schedule, Our vacation policy allows for people to take time off from the day they start if needed, and we are a big proponent of taking time off for family and to recharge,” he said.

For job seekers looking for employment at Momentum3, Peters says the company is expecting to ramp up growth in 2018.

Lesa L. Jones is an award winning journalist and former editor of Tulsa Business & Legal News. She now works as a freelance writer and editor for corporate communications and non-profit organizations