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How to manage software development efforts

There are all kinds of books, articles, and seminars describing in detail the various theories on how to best manage software development efforts. Each of them certain that their approach is the only way to ensure on-time delivery while meeting budgetary requirements. In reality, many of these theories will fail if applied without the insight […]

3 ways to market your mobile application

You went through all of the work to build a mobile application, whether it be through your own design and coding or by hiring an app developer. Your application may still be in the process of being developed or be ready for release, but it’s imperative that you communicate the need for your app in […]

Momentum3’s workplace culture draws top talent

By Lesa L. Jones Momentum3’s Amy Dean (left) is the new Director of Data Strategy and Analytics, Danielle Burrows (center) is the new Accounting Manager, and Kyle Miller (right) is the new Director of Sales. Momentum3 is rewriting the rules when it comes to company culture, having fun at work is just one of the […]

Momentum3 Announces as First MomentumGROWTH Program Participant

Momentum3 in partnership with GrowthFountain, are proud to announce that is our first company to participate in the Momentum3GROWTH Program.  Our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs to provide startups with angel funding for a variety of needs such as technology, back-office, marketing and expansion. BlueHollar is a home improvement marketplace connecting professional realtors […]

ETRM Software Solutions

Momentum3 offers an end-to-end cloud-based ETRM software solution that is scalable for low, mid or enterprise level businesses trading in gasoline and diesel fuels. The M3 ETRM suite is segregated by functionality to allow customers to purchase only what they need in order to lower costs, reduce risk and exposure while increasing profits of your […]

IT Talent Sourcing: Why Momentum3 “Gets It”

From the folks at Momentum3, “We get it.” We aren’t staffers. We are thought leaders, coders, C-Level IT executives, software craftsmen, business owners & most importantly – We are panoramic thinkers who love what we do. We have long-felt Tulsa was ready for a first-class, “boutique” style to the IT staffing industry and decided to […]

Downtown with Josh Brown

Q&A session with Josh Brown: Database Administration Supervisor for Samson Resources and the man responsible for spearheading Momentum3’s recently launched FlexDBA program Rushing inside looking flustered, I hurriedly take my seat at McNellie’s in downtown Tulsa. Slightly out of breath after maniacally running through a gravel parking lot in heels, I promptly apologize to Josh […]

Kicking Off Your Job Search

As someone who has been on all sides of the recruiting table, I’ve learned a few things along the way. Starting in HR management years ago, I worked alongside both hiring managers and outside firms, strategically searching for top talent. I’ve also been the hiring manager, looking for stellar individuals to add to my team. […]

Momentum3 Welcomes Clifford Cravello

The M3 team is excited to welcome Clifford Cravello to its ranks!  Cravello will manage M3’s energy practice, focusing on crude, refined products and other discrete commodities.  Additionally, he will work to grow M3’s ETRM/CTRM practice around OLF’s Right Angle software.  Cravello rejoins Greg Peters, one of M3’s founders, as Peters recruited him for his […]