The Client

The client is an upstream oil and gas company developing energy resources in the US, Canada, North Sea, and elsewhere. In recent years, they experienced ownership change, asset divestiture, re-organization of every department, and these things led to reduction, turnover, and reassignment of personnel. All of this came at a time of low oil prices, which strained the budget available to conduct the needed re-tooling.

The Problem

As a result of the above organizational upheaval, each department reexamined itself to ensure that it was designed for the future instead of the past, including:

  • Reconsider the tasks performed to ensure they support the new company design
  • Ensure that all tasks are properly assigned by team based upon new team focus
  • Identify personnel requiring training to perform newly assigned tasks

The client’s newly streamlined crude and natural gas marketing team was one such department tasked with this kind of self-assessment.  The departmental leadership team knew this would be difficult to conduct alone and expected difficulty breaking with the past.  They also recognized that their ETRM system expertise had been depleted and that they would struggle greatly to self-train personnel on new system-based tasks.  They had recently co-located for the first time and they didn’t know how to work together yet. They needed help.

What they needed was a cost-effective resource which could:

  • Facilitate a cross-functional leadership team through a difficult and complicated self-assessment
  • Provide discernment and industry-wide best practices to lend credibility to any new designs being implemented
  • Offer both deep and broad expertise on their ETRM system
  • Mentor the support department on troubleshooting system issues
  • Train business and support personnel on ETRM system functionality to use it more effectively and efficiently

Solution Benefits

Momentum3 delivered the solution that the client needed:

  • Cross-functional leadership team facilitation
  • Expert advice on best practices
  • Deep and broad ETRM system expertise
  • Mentoring and troubleshooting
  • Training users on new functionality assignments

Momentum3 delivered additional benefits that they didn’t expect:

  • Directed many working sessions to demonstrate how a customer can use their ETRM system more effectively, delivering concise education and expert recommendations
  • Performed as a liaison between business users and support personnel, educating both sides on how they can work together
  • Educated support staff on ETRM business
  • New hire training, manager overview training, specific functional training
  • Leveraged long-term relationships with other organizations and industry personnel to deliver rapid answers to complex problems