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You know what?


What drives us is what we create. We spend our days living the dream: emphasizing technology, entrepreneurship, business experience, and leadership in all our products and services. Momentum3 (M3 if you’re on the inside – and you’re ALL on the inside) is committed to seeing you succeed.

We know what you’re thinking: It’s just technology, right? You LOVE technology? Is that even a thing?

Well, YES, but there’s more to it.

Now you’re thinking: That sounds interesting. Tell me more!

You flatter us. We were so hoping you’d ask, and since you did, let us break it down for you:

Our Expertise

Sure, we create software and provide technology consulting using leading technology, but we’ve also held leadership positions inside both tech and non-tech companies as Directors of Technology, CIO, CTO, and more.

Bottom line? We understand the constraints, issues, and concerns your company is facing. You can talk to us, and we’ll get you.

Check Our References

But you should know, we're more than just a pretty face.

We bring the brains, too – and not just in technology and software development.

Entrepreneurship is important to us. In the past few years we’ve launched a few of our own intrapreneurial* endeavors, including several new divisions, products, and services:

* One-word bringing harmony to internal innovation and entrepreneurship. Kind of like an intranet, but for entrepreneurial products and growth. We rock it.

We've got skills to bring your business to the world

And that’s not even all we can do. We’ve expanded to create Momentum3 Growth, a division which consists of a digital marketing agency as well as a complete line of services designed to help small businesses rev up their marketing and sales.

And we vow to you, we will not stop there.

We plan to continue launching new products and services as we grow our intrapreneurial footprint.

But we don’t like to brag too much in one place, so feel free to check out our services for the nitty-gritty. The deets. The down low. You get the picture.

Oh, hey!

Since this is our Who We Are page, you’re probably wondering where the stuffy mission stuff is. Well, you’ve found it. We like the video better than the stuffy words, but you do you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish long-term relationships with our clients by building trust through consistent delivery of high-quality products and services. Our clients enjoy access to technology expertise, increased capacity, and innovation around information technology systems and processes that have a direct impact on their bottom line.

Watch Our Alternate Mission Statement

What we are trying to tell you is...

We’re fun, we love what we do, and it makes us happy to help clients take ideas from concept to reality. Our list is your list – we’ll help you find the partnerships you need and provide a refreshing bit of honesty and integrity (and more than a few laughs; we’re very fun. You’ll see).

We’re big fans of The Office too.

Discover Your Missing Piece

Find out how Momentum3 can show you the big picture.

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