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What is Software Development Methodology?

We cater our software development process to your needs. Sometimes that means a turnkey project, other times it means working side by side with you during development and management. Whatever you need, bring it on.

So here's how it goes down.

software development methodology step 1

You tell us about your innermost software desires, and we’ll give you a reliable estimate that includes options and phases.

Reliable. Now there’s a word you don’t always see bandied about with the word ‘estimate,’ but we mean it. We’re not looking to sign you, then blindside you with hidden costs.

Seeing your vision come to life and understanding how it will work for users makes everything more real. We mock up a user interface and experience (UI/UX) you’ll love and can sign off on.

software development methodology step 2
software development methodology step 3

Also known as the Dazzle Phase. You want something in your hands you can test and use asap. Of course you do. We all want what we want when we want it. At Momentum3, we use agile sprints to put your product in your hands in weeks (not months)

What are agile sprints? Technically, it’s 2-4 weeks of intensive development work with defined deliverables. But all that means is that we move fast, work well, and provide a quality product. You know, the things you expect from a partner. During each sprint, we’ll move in phases – completing specific milestones leading up to your usable deliverable.

Hold up. You just changed your mind? No problem. You’re allowed to change your priorities within a phase. That’s just how life works and how ideas get better. We can work with that.

Your choice: Turnkey (all you, baby) or support (we hang around to maintain the system or work with your staff until they’re ready to take the wheel).

software development methodology step 4
software development methodology step 5

Wash Rinse Repeat – Awesome software delivered on time, on budget, on Point (that’s 2000’s speak for built to your specifications). But don’t take our word for it…talk to our satisfied customers

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