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Software Development Process

Our Proven Process to Help Our Clients Succeed with Software Development in Tulsa and Beyond

What is Software Development Methodology

We know that all clients are different and have unique situations.   We’ve worked in both turnkey situations where we built out the entire project with our development team and other times where we work side by side with our clients development or management team to create software for them.    Below is our general process to complete software projects although it differs slightly with each client.
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software development methodology step 1

The Software development process starts with a meeting to discuss your needs.

We will present you with a basic project plan that has options and phases. Those phases are major project milestones that lead to a usable deliverable. Within each phase, we will have Agile sprints. No more waiting months/years before you can have something in your hands to test or use.

software development methodology step 3

The first phase is normally a UI/UX phase where we build out the “look and feel” of the system for your approval.

We then begin development in the Agile sprints (normally 2-4 week sprints) with defined deliverables within each Sprint until the first major phase is completed. We then begin on next phase (and we realize customer priorities can change within a phase…that’s allowed and encouraged)

software development methodology step 5

Once a Project is completed there must be a support plan. We offer a turnkey support plan where we will stay on to maintain the system or we can work with your staff to take over all future maintenance.

Wash Rinse Repeat – Awesome software delivered on time, on budget, on Point (that’s 2000’s speak for built to your specifications). But don’t take our word for it…talk to our satisfied customers

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