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Paladin Land Group

PALADIN LAND GROUP, LLC (PLG) is a brokerage service that operates a group of highly experienced landmen and oil & gas professionals that service the energy industry with expertise and diligence at competitive rates. PLG employs only experienced and capable personnel with proven ability and superior work ethic, and has a stable of quality field, title, and regulatory landmen, lease buyers, right of way agents, land techs, imagers, and other land professionals with extensive in-house and brokerage experience. In addition, PLG has in-house title and commission attorneys on staff to handle regulatory filings and title opinions. PLG’s in-house lease buyers, attorneys, and title landmen operate out of a professional office environment, free from distraction, with all of the tools necessary to achieve the highest level of productivity. In addition to all of the state agency online databases, PLG has licenses to Drillinginfo, Oil-Law, Pangaea, IHS, Accurint, Intellius, and more.




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