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IT Talent Sourcing: Why Momentum3 “Gets It”

From the folks at Momentum3, “We get it.” We aren’t staffers. We are thought leaders, coders, C-Level IT executives, software craftsmen, business owners & most importantly – We are panoramic thinkers who love what we do. We have long-felt Tulsa was ready for a first-class, “boutique” style to the IT staffing industry and decided to shake things up. At M3, we understand reputation is everything in a small IT community and we handle our business with a strictly relationship-based approach. And we don’t just staff the work, we do it.

Momentum3 knows it’s the people that create a company’s pulse and we are constantly on the hunt for game-changing rock stars. We are extremely selective about the folks we put the M3 stamp of approval on and only deal with the best. Nobody wants a jerk on their team and communication along with work ethic is a big deal to us. Whether we’re enlisting them as a full-time M3 employee or we’re finding them an incredible opportunity at another company, it’s all about stellar resourcing to ensure a win-win situation. We maintain an extensive spectrum of quality resources for both short-term & permanent positions, within and beyond our company. We aren’t lying when we tell clients we won’t send them someone we wouldn’t hire ourselves. Our business relationships are built on trust & respect and we promise to bring you the best resources possible.

Brilliant personalities aren’t all you need and we’re pretty darn choosy when it comes to technical chops. Clients don’t always know what they’re looking for so we work together, deciding which skills & personality traits are most crucial then weed out the riff-raff. We know all too well posting a job online can open you up to relentless staffing firms & unqualified candidates – including Uncle Steve who hasn’t worked since he was “laid off” in the early 2000’s. You’ll never have to worry about us sending you a stack of resumes, thinking quantity is better than quality. M3 keeps a steady stream of tech talent coming through our door and only the most impeccable, shiny pearls are plucked from an ocean of industry talent. Considering we’re just like you, we can truly assess candidates’ technical skills along with desired personality traits. We filter through, whittling down that stack of resumes so you don’t waste your time interviewing the wrong people.

Don’t forget – Premium talent sourcing is just one of the things we do at Momentum3. We offer a full, dynamic spectrum of professional technology services including the designing & building of custom software solutions, tailored to the client’s exact needs. Founded by former IT executives, M3 forever understands the ever-changing technology landscape and the challenges you face. We embrace folks who have a spark of idealism, strong work ethic and are looking to do historic work.

Let Momentum3 help you find that outstanding person who is driven, loves what they do and is looking for more in their professional career.

Adrienne Luna | aluna@momentum3.biz | (913) 237-4560

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