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The Amazing Benefits of Izenda

Identify Opportunity

The first step in an Izenda integration is to identify and address areas of key stakeholder benefit and project risks. Momentum3 loves finding opportunities you never knew were there.

Simple to Advanced Look and Feel

Momentum3 cohesively integrates Izenda with your application to be naturally intuitive so that users will have an immediate understanding of functionality.

Integration with Current Security Infrastructure

You won’t need another login with Izenda. Momentum3 integrations are seamless with security.

Microsoft Data Platform Partner

Momentum3 is a Microsoft Data Platform Partner. We can efficiently help you create any data mart, data warehouse, or other reporting structure so operational data/performance is not affected.

Zero Time Spent Learning Izenda

Momentum3 has been through multiple implementations of Izenda. We don’t have to learn the tool, we can be focused on your needs and the best Izenda solutions for you. Momentum3 is glad to spend one-on-one time making sure you get the most of your Izenda integration.

Advanced Data Source Configuration

Izenda provides a comprehensive library of powerful aliasing and categorization settings which present the end-user with an easy to understand, business relevant set of names and groupings.

Advanced Features

Momentum3 has built many custom add-ons for customer installations. Advanced report scheduling, advanced report routing, and flexible customer defined dashboards are just a few.

Izenda Implementation Process

Momentum3 can help you set up Izenda into your BI or Data application and get your company moving in the right  direction.


  • Identify Business Needs
  • Identify Integration Needs


  • Backend Integration to API
  • Frontend (UI Customization)


  • Create Reporting Data Model
  • Business Analysis


  • Reports
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Testing


  • End User Training
  • Super User Consulting
  • User Support Agreements

Discover Your Missing Piece

Find out how Momentum3 can show you the big picture.

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