Flex DBA

FlexDBA Benefits

Reduced DBA and Maintenance Costs, Extensive Access to Technical Expertise

Leverage the expertise and availability of our local DBA’s in a time-sliced basis so you can fill the gaps before you need to hire a DBA.

Better Utilization of Internal Resources

Leave the databases to us, so you can focus on the business. Redeploy skilled internal resources to more strategic, revenue-generating initiatives.

Faster Problem Resolution and Response Times with Customized Service Level Agreements

Our Service Agreements are flexible to meet your organization’s individual needs.

No Need to Hire, Train or Retain In-House DBAs

Eliminate the costs and headaches associated with hiring in-house.

24×7, 100% Local Monitoring and Support

Get the additional support and coverage you need to ensure critical issues are addressed on a 24×7 basis.

Go Beyond typical DBA Support with

for enhanced DBA activities


Sample “Plus Hours” Activities

    • Documentation – client specific documentation
    • Performance – working performance issues, tuning specific problems
    • Mentoring – of client staff
    • New Database Instances – installing & configuring new instances
    • Clone DB from backup
    • Copy backup job from existing
    • Restore from backup
    • Failover DB to Standby & rebuild
    • Rebuild Standby Database
    • Rebuild indexes outside of Maintenance Jobs
    • Generate Statistics outside of Maintenance Jobs
    • Minor Version updates (e.g. SP1 to SP2)
    • Create new databases
    • Assist with database licensing

“Plus Hours” Deliverables Examples

    • Generate documentation for a customer specific process
    • Work with IT to troubleshoot specific performance problems
    • Create new database instances as needed
    • Database Upgrades
    • Implement redundancy or high-availability solutions

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Momentum3’s FlexDBA service provides organizations with support for their mission-critical database environments. Momentum3 can support and monitor your database as well as help assess database and technology readiness, plan for the future, architect and implement Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plans, and make use of database best practices and principles.

Supported Platforms

MongoDB and MySQL

SQL and Oracle